The sixth round strict air pollution inspection completed

BEIJING (CENEWS)-The sixth round of the yearlong strict inspection on air pollution control had been completed by Jul. 6. Between Jun. 23 and Jul. 6, the inspection teams checked a total of 5,879 businesses (organizations), and found environmental incompliances in 2,627 of them. Of the problematic enterprises, 664 were unlicensed small polluters, one did not attain emission standards, 245 failed to install pollution control facilities, 253 failed to keep such facilities in normal operations, 795 had VOCs control problems, and 660 did not keep their materials properly sheltered.

The inspection results showed there were three major pollution problems, which is, the VOCs, the unlicensed small polluters, and the improper sheltering of materials, which had been found in 80.7 percent of the total problematic enterprises.

The Ministry required the inspection teams to make greater efforts in the inspection over air polluters, urge local areas to strengthen daily supervision, and seriously punish the environmental incompliances.

Starting Jul. 7, the inspection team launched the seventh round strict inspection over the air pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas.